Re: “Three Trump foreign-policy pillars on which Biden should build” [Dec. 20, Opinion]:

Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley urges the U.S. to be tough with China while also abstaining from the Paris Climate Accord. Doing the latter is an example of the U.S. abdicating global leadership, leaving the world to look to China for leadership. Chinese President Xi Jinping reaffirms China’s commitment to combating climate change, and it is set to dominate the global green energy technology market.

The same goes for the U.S. pulling out of the World Health Organization. President Donald Trump complained that the WHO is too friendly and deferential to China, but in leaving a vacuum in these international institutions that America used to fill, we are manufacturing an outcome where China’s global influence will only grow.

We are losing our place in the post-World War II world our grandparents won and giving China opportunity to create a global order where the world is indebted to it. There is no higher throne on which we can place our country than leader of the free world. I am hungry to make America great again by reentering the international arena.

Douglas Noble, Yelm