As COVID-19 closed schools across the country, parents and caregivers like myself have suddenly become teachers. I keep hearing, we’ll surely agree to pay our teachers what they’re worth next time there’s a vote. That’s because we are realizing even more how important a good education is and how skilled our teachers are at bringing out the best in our children.

During this global pandemic, we also realize how interconnected we are. A virus that starts across the world turns into a tragedy we all bear together. Parents in Uganda, Bangladesh and Honduras are striving to provide for their children’s needs, including education, just like us. We can support these worldwide efforts by asking our senators and representatives to co-sponsor the Global Child Thrive Act. This bill integrates Early Childhood Development (ECD) into international assistance programs for children in poor communities around the world.

NGOs like Catholic Relief Services use ECD interventions to provide room for kids to dance, play, sing and learn. They also support parents and caregivers with parenting classes. In Seattle, we have prioritized ECD through our preschool program. Let’s work together to make sure children all over the world thrive as well.

Jennifer Ibach, Seattle