Re: “Seattle City Council seeks to make it easier to run a business from your garage” [March 14, Business]:

I was completely outraged by this proposal by the Seattle City Council, specifically sponsor Dan Strauss. Where does homeownership fit into the picture? Are council members saying any renter can open up a business in their garage? Who is going to monitor this — the parking, delivery service and health conditions?

Perhaps the City Council should focus on the main problem this city has, which is homelessness, not creating more problems in our neighborhoods. Secondly, how about letting people rent (at a modified cost) and/or use space that has been vacated due to the pandemic, which would help other business, as well?

I do not believe neighborhoods should be burdened by business. There is a reason for residential neighborhoods. This proposal can radically effect our quality of life and needs to be voted on by the citizens of Seattle.

Deborah Chielens, Seattle