Re: “KNKX takes meteorologist Cliff Mass off the air after he likens Seattle protest actions to 1938 Nazi pogrom” [Aug. 7, Northwest]:

As a Jewish woman and former citizen of the USSR, I was totally alarmed that KNKX chose to silence Cliff Mass’ voice over his comparing the recent violence done to downtown Seattle to Kristallnacht. Silencing his voice only strengthens his observation. While I am fiercely progressive, I know my history: The Bolshevik Revolution that started to help the oppressed masses quickly evolved into squashing any difference of opinion that departed from the official Party line. This then led to total tyranny. Ruining a radio career over a personal observation suggests that freedom of speech is in jeopardy in America, where I thought it was the bulwark of our democracy.

Had Mass noted that Black Lives Matter, would he have been removed from KNKX?

Irina Stuart, Redmond