“Giant landfill in tiny Washington hamlet turns trash to natural gas, as utilities fight for a future” [March 4, Environment]:

Desperate to find new footholds in our necessary clean-energy future, the fossil-fuel industry has been busy promoting so-called “renewable natural gas” derived from sources like factory-farm manure and garbage. At best, these are distractions from the urgent task of getting off fossil fuels; at worst, they are deceptive schemes pushed by the industry that are intended to maintain the dirty energy status quo.

The inevitable leaks of methane from processing plants and pipelines take a toll on the climate no matter where this potent greenhouse gas is coming from. In the case of factory farm gas, the drive to promote phony “renewable natural gas” from manure lagoons does nothing to deal with the pollution created by these facilities — it essentially re-brands pollution as one more potential source of profit for these mega-corporate interests.

A rapid, just transition away from fossil fuels cannot rely on these deceptive and ineffective schemes.

Thomas Meyer, Seattle, organizer, Food & Water Watch