In the one and only vice-presidential debate of 2020, the Democratic nominee, California Sen. Kamala Harris, and the incumbent Republican V.P., Mike Pence, both acquitted themselves well, which should be no surprise given Harris’ years of experience as a prosecutor and Pence’s early career as a right-wing talk show host.

Nevertheless, the two contenders were upstaged by a fly that landed on the vice president’s head and lodged there for two-and-a-half minutes. This being the social-media age, the insect was an instant hit on Twitter as fly memes exploded. Quickly, someone created a Twitter account for the little bug on which “the fly” announced it would be getting tested for COVID-19. Almost as quickly, Joe Biden put up a photo of himself holding a fly swatter and asking for $5 donations “to help this campaign fly.”

Yeah, it’s silly and trivial, but in a year that has brought so much angst, antagonism and trepidation, it was nice of the fly to show up, perch on Pence’s silvery, rigid coiffure and give us something fun to contemplate, if only for 150 seconds.

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