Re: “Police face complaints of tolerating presence of vigilantes”:

We are at a flashpoint in America. What the nation witnessed in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where a long-gun carrying individual killed two and wounded one is a wake-up call. One cannot ask if such an incident could happen here. We have witnessed similar displays in Olympia and Snohomish, where people have brandished assault rifles. So far, we have been lucky.

People openly carrying firearms during public protest should be seen for what they present, a clear and imminent threat to public safety. I believe the police can and should legally confront this risk by verifying compliance with all applicable laws subject to the gun bearers as their first priority.

The governor and local municipal leaders should also go on record stating that although a citizen bearing arms publicly has rights under the law, they also have responsibilities. This means that if they choose to take their weapons for a walk at a public demonstration, they can expect to face immediate scrutiny by police. They should be assured that any and all violations of gun laws will be swiftly dealt with to ensure and maintain public safety

Without either fuel, oxygen or a heat source, there cannot be fire.

Terry Vallon, Carnation