Re: “Seattle-area evangelicals wrestle with racism and their own silence: ‘We repent’ ” [July 5, Northwest]:

It is encouraging to see largely white evangelical clergy in conversation with local Black clergy about coming to a better understanding of the lives of Black people in America and the harm hate has brought.

For several dozen years, I have similarly sought that conversion and confession of repentance among too many in the white evangelical church and the Black churches as to LBGTQ persons who instead too often hear, “love the sinner, hate the sin.” They often are told as children of God that they should be the ones getting converted.

Rigid views of scripture and prejudiced social norms contribute to not only a rejection of Pride but more, a lack of human acceptance and intentional persecution, even as “All are Welcome” is the claim. More work to do, colleagues.

The Rev. Bill Kirlin-Hackett, director, the Interfaith Task Force on Homelessness, Bellevue