Trump gave aid and comfort to Russia and Republican voters approve

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President Trump held a one-on-one meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki and has yet to tell even his national intelligence advisor, Dan Coates, what was discussed or what deals were made. Then, in a press conference with Putin, the ex-KGB agent, Trump discounted Coates’ dire warnings about Russian interference in American elections and appeared to give more weight to Putin’s denial of any wrongdoing.

Many people, including ex-CIA directors and several Republican senators, condemned Trump’s actions in strong terms, even invoking the word “treason.” Nevertheless, the vast majority of Republican voters find nothing objectionable about Trump’s words and actions. According to a new Axios poll, 79% of Republicans approved of the things Trump said in Helsinki and 85% think the investigation into Russian subversion of the 2016 presidential election is a distraction.

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