Re: “Trump suggests delaying election, eliciting unprecedented pushback from GOP, Democrats” [July 30, Nation]:

The president’s tweet suggests an unconstitutional executive action of delaying the election, a usurpation of Congress’ sole right to determine the election date and a denial of states’ rights to choose their electors. We have held elections in the most trying of times — wars, insurrections, during foreign occupation, and in the depths of financial turmoil.

There is nothing more sacred in democracy than the right of the people to vote. While imperfect at times, it is still the bedrock of our republic. Trump is sowing the seeds of a constitutional crisis and lawsuits following the November election if he is not declared the victor.

If we surrender the power of our collective voices to placate a wannabe dictator, we have lost that which formed the foundation of the great American experiment — our collective soul, our right to choose who leads us, our right to determine our destiny as a nation. Stand firm against anyone who would try to take that vote from you. Even the president of the United States.

Marcus Humberg, Lacey