During Vice President Joe Biden’s town hall last Thursday night, a young man asked why he should vote in the presidential election. Perhaps Biden overlooked the obvious when he gave a rambling answer that included information about his plans to help the disadvantaged with housing and education incentives, among other things.

When moderator George Stephanopoulos asked the young man if Biden answered his question, he said, from behind a slightly glazed look, “I think so.”

Just so there is no misunderstanding, young people must vote because this is your country, you need to own it and shape it into what you want. Us old people will be gone soon, and while I’m not especially proud of what we are leaving you, we had our chance, it’s now your turn. Seize the moment, take the reins and make this country accountable to your generation.

Don’t assume for one second that we have your best interests in mind. I hope you do a better job than we did.

Mark Quinn, Spokane