Re: “For conservatives, this moment calls for a reckoning” [Nov. 9, Opinion]:

I appreciate the illuminating nature of this piece, as I believe that some 77 million of us need to have all the reassuring we can handle that, yes, we have reaffirmed America’s true north with our votes.

The previous 48 months have contained a veritable nuclear blast of a message that we had careened completely off a course set by our Founding Fathers.

It is incumbent upon the nation’s children to embrace the need for diversification. Children should seek out different answers to the same questions so that they can then let their moral compass point the way: Why equality? Why climate change? Why is it wrong to lie, mislead and purposely run aground a ship captained with ignorance, selfishness and mendacity?

A victory for now does not equal celebration. It demands the vigilance that our democracy requires, lest we forget the wolves will always be at our door.

Randall Jahraus, Kent