The article “One last vote: In Michigan, a terminally ill man’s mission to cast a ballot” [Oct. 17, Nation] has deeply saddened me. James Wendel Williams dedicated his final days to vote. He arranged to be taken to an early voting ballot drop box, submitted his vote and died eight days later. His family learned his vote would not count because all of Michigan’s votes will not be tallied until Election Day, and Williams died before the official voting day. How can this be? How many other states do this?

I am going to find a way to send my regrets to Williams’ family and my concerns to Michigan about not honoring Williams’ excruciating final efforts to vote. My husband, Mike, died in October 2019, and one of his regrets was that he would not be able to vote for president in 2020.

We must absolutely take Williams’ story to heart and redouble our efforts to vote, and encourage and help others to vote.

Sharron Lee, Kenmore