Re: “Trump calls Fauci ‘a disaster’ and shrugs off virus as infections soar” [Oct. 19, Nation]:

I’ve given up on Trump supporters to see reason. Administration officials are either yes men and women or they’re ousted. Honor the king or get out.

Except there are the Dr. Anthony Faucis with a sang-froid personality who don’t cave in. He quietly keeps on task with preventing a pandemic from worsening. For President Donald Trump, COVID-19 is a political liability, not a critical health problem, and he has never taken it seriously. Now he attacks Fauci for being reasonable and measured in his judgment.

The sadness is that Trump supporters are the same people of the New Testament. Good citizens, zealously strong in their faith, faced with a decision that would change history forever, and they chose Barabbas. Let’s not make the same mistake.

Robert Cordes, Bellevue