It seems everyone in America has decided that kids should be in school. There have been dozens of news articles about how kids’ intellectual, physical and mental health have declined since the closing of schools due to the pandemic. Also about how closing the schools has been a major factor in slowing down the economy, and reopening the schools will be a boon for all working parents.

It leads me to wonder, “Why do we still resist year-round schooling?”

Summer vacation is a tradition from our agrarian past. We should let it go along with other traditions that no longer serve a purpose in our society. We have been forced by the virus to run a massive experiment of a year without schools. Everyone has agreed that kids in school serves everyone — the kids, the parents, the society as a whole. Why don’t we step into the 21st century by having year-round school, especially since American children rank below many industrialized countries in math and science scores?

Karren Gratt, Redmond