Why are grocery workers, hairstylists, factory workers and many more essential but our children’s education is not?

How come procedures can be put in place to safely get a haircut, eat out, open a day-care center or summer camp but not to teach our children?

Why do these policies all seem to favor the well-educated and wealthy, who have options — work from home, hire a nanny? What about the families with no options? What kind of option is it — work (with your child in day care) or quit and hope for unemployment?

How long are we willing to sacrifice children and impact their futures? Until a vaccine is made (cross your fingers — maybe next year) or until a vaccine is widely distributed (more like a few years or longer)?

I recognize the risk of spreading the virus. I follow the safety recommendations. But I would like someone to explain why children’s education is not essential. Education is essential and online learning is not equal to in person learning.

Stephanie Mathisen, Bainbridge Island