Washington’s GOP must replace its chair with someone willing to forcefully condemn Donald Trump’s misogyny.

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WASHINGTON state needs more balance in its government, and that won’t happen if the state GOP waffles about Donald Trump’s reprehensible behavior toward women.

The party should replace its chair, Susan Hutchison, with someone willing to forcefully condemn Trump’s behavior recorded in a bombshell video revealed Friday. In the 2005 video, Trump brags about his success assaulting women and efforts to seduce a married woman.

While prominent Republicans across the state and nation denounced Trump’s behavior in the video, Hutchison prevaricated. Combined with Hutchison’s icky description of herself as a “ballot babe” in party robocalls this summer, this sets a poor example.

In her Friday response on Twitter, Hutchison said Trump’s comments were “indecent” but spoken years ago, suggesting that he was a Democrat at the time. She added that it’s “hypocritical” for Clinton to cite them because of her husband’s behavior.

In contrast, U.S. Rep. Dave Reichert, R-Auburn, said, “Actions described in that video are absolutely reprehensible” and that Trump lost Reichert’s vote. Republican Secretary of State Kim Wyman said Trump’s “crude and disgusting comments are beyond offensive.”

Now is the time for the state GOP to explicitly reject sexism. It must do so to restore credibility with moderates appalled by Trump, and because it’s the right thing to do for everyone.

Remember, there is a clear majority among registered voters in Washington.

Women outnumber men on state voter rolls by a 52-48 margin. For them — and the men who respect them — Trump’s behavior shown on the video is much worse than “indecent.”