Democratic primary voters hoping to repair the damage from President Donald Trump have a clear choice. Former Vice President Joe Biden is the right choice to restore America to global leadership and rebuild governmental infrastructure.

Biden’s convincing win in the South Carolina Democratic primary and endorsements from onetime competitors show that he has the standing to unseat Trump in November. The decisions by Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg to drop out of competition and endorse Biden show he is the obvious choice to build a coalition among political moderates. Both of these talented politicians should be appreciated for elevating the debate and sharpening Biden as a candidate. Just in time for Super Tuesday and a week before deadline for Washington’s primary, Klobuchar and Buttigieg threw their support behind Biden, a further demonstration of their contributions and leadership.

Biden’s qualifications for the presidency are unmatched by those Democrats remaining in the race. As a longtime U.S. senator from Delaware, he chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, cultivated bipartisan alliances, and developed expertise on federal governance and justice. Under President Barack Obama, Biden showed exceptional talent as an internationalist vice president, shaping policies for the inherited wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But this election is about more than Biden’s stellar résumé. Trump has worsened America’s ideological divisions through inflammatory rhetoric and malignant policies. Biden is a natural conciliator, a moderate progressive who can forge a viable bipartisan path forward.

Biden is America’s best bet to rebuild its global standing and offers a realistic path to get this done. Trump’s ceding of international leadership and destructive trade wars will not be easy to unwind.

Biden knows the nuances of establishing alliances. He would put America back in the Paris climate agreement and reassert vital ties to NATO that Trump has diminished. And he rightly said the Trans Pacific Partnership, though flawed, could have been a useful foundation to build an alliance to counter Chinese trade strength.


The temptation for some Democrats to overcorrect and veer sharply leftward would have destructive consequences, particularly among working-class voters who cross party lines. Biden embraces a diverse coalition, not a single-minded group drawn by socialist demagoguery. This means majorities in Congress can vote for his agenda without losing their constituents.

In a narrowed Democratic primary field, Biden’s main competitor, Bernie Sanders, offers the opposite. Sanders’ full-throated advocacy of income redistribution to provide everyone free college, child care, housing and Medicare for All promises “revolution” with no evidence any of it can get done.

No wonder other moderate candidates made the pragmatic call to consolidate behind Biden. No major primary competitor has endorsed Sanders.

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If nominated, Biden’s road to the presidency promises to be hard. Trump has already been impeached for reaching out to foreign nations to undercut Biden’s credibility, and it has not had a chastening effect on the president’s conduct.

Biden is ready to withstand a ruthless campaign. No other Democratic primary contender is positioned to hold the road as well. Vote for Joe Biden in Washington’s primary.