King County voters should approve a Medic One emergency medical services levy to fund the countywide Medic One system. This six-year, $1.115 billion levy would replace the existing levy, funding operations of the regional EMS system from 2020-2025.

The initial cost to property owners will be $0.265 or less per thousand dollars of assessed valuation — about $133 on a $500,000 property in the first year. As with the current levy, which began at a rate of $0.335 per $1,000 in 2014 and has been lowered each year, reaching $0.218 this year, the levy rate is expected to decrease over time as the County’s Assessed Valuation continues to grow.

The lifesaving benefits to this service are incalculable.

Medic One provides seamless, tiered medical response over 2,134 square miles for a population of nearly 2.2 million people. All 911 emergency calls within the borders of King County are handled through the Medic One system.

In 2018, Medic One EMTs responded to nearly 270,000 calls for service, with paramedics responding to more than 50,000 calls for advanced life support. They saved the lives of 289 people in cardiac arrest — a success rate that is two to three times higher than in most communities, according to the service’s annual report.

Medic One provided basic life support in an average of just over 5 minutes, and advanced support by trained paramedics in under 10 minutes, saving thousands of lives each year.

Voters should continue funding this vital service by voting “yes” on King County Proposition 1.