For Washington’s 1st Congressional District, incumbent Rep. Suzan DelBene is the best choice, hands down.

The hallmark of her first four terms representing an area stretching from Medina to the Canadian border is pragmatic, effective service for a district that runs high-tech to rural. The Democrat is focused on her district but understands the importance of the larger landscape, including global markets for Washington products, whether agriculture or high tech.

Though the 1st District was designed as something of a swing district, it speaks well of DelBene that the Republican party has yet to muster a candidate who threatens her seat.

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For the second time, Sultan City Councilmember Jeffrey Beeler, a Republican, is challenging her. The owner of a window-washing business is a sincere conservative with a record of public service. He speaks about trying to implement policies more conducive to people running businesses and reducing the nation’s debt.

But his experience pales in comparison to DelBene’s résumé and legislative experience.

Oddly, he suggested in a joint interview that DelBene, a former Microsoft executive and director of the state Department of Revenue, doesn’t know much about business.

She is an advocate for jobs, expanding rural broadband and affordable housing incentives. Her eyes are on the recovery from the pandemic-induced economic downturn, helping families now and businesses as they get back to work.

DelBene’s smarts, experience, bipartisan-leanings and work ethic are assets for her district and for Congress. Voters should reelect her.