The Port of Seattle is a major economic driver for the region as a hub for international trade that supports jobs throughout Puget Sound and the rest of the state. With stiff maritime competition from California and Canada, the port must continue to follow forward-thinking policies to remain competitive.

Port Commissioner Stephanie Bowman has a proven track record of leadership and supporting creative solutions to keep port operations not only viable but competitive and able to provide good-paying jobs while reducing the environmental impact to neighboring communities.

Seattle Times editorial board endorsements: Nov. 2, 2021, general election

Voters should reelect to keep Bowman as Port of Seattle Commissioner, Position 3.

First elected in 2013, the incumbent was instrumental in bringing together the ports of Seattle and Tacoma under the Northwest Seaport Alliance, ending more than 80 years of intense competition.

“The most important part about that is it saved jobs throughout the region and provided more export opportunities for Washington growers,” Bowman said. “If I do nothing else in elected office, I’m incredibly proud of that achievement.”

Fortunately, Bowman did not stop there. She also has worked to protect maritime and industrial lands, led the effort to open the first tiny-house village on port property and increased the number of training opportunities at the port for young people. More than 600 youth, many of them from underserved communities, have benefitted from this program.


Bowman was also directly involved in the recent incident where an Israeli-owned shipping company was temporarily kept from unloading its cargo after activists called for a boycott. The incumbent worked with labor, the terminal operator and the shipping company to ensure the Port of Seattle maintained its reputation as an open and welcoming destination for trade, while still accommodating the First Amendment rights of protesters.

Her opponent, Hamdi Mohamed, agrees with the incumbent on many of these issues but to “reimagine” the port’s operations. However, while she is clearly passionate about public service, she was unable to adequately explain what that re-imagining would entail.

Bowman’s experience and record make her the best candidate for Port of Seattle, Commissioner Position 3.