Ryan McIrvin deserves reelection to serve a second term in Renton City Council’s Position 4. He has proven to be a fast learner, able to engage on a wide variety of issues in the city of 102,000 in south King County. 

McIrvin has shown strong engagement with city policies during his time in office, having helped develop affordable-housing and transportation plans to meet the needs of the fast-growing city. Like many Renton residents, he commutes via Interstate 405 to his day job, as assistant director of government and community relations for the University of Washington, Bothell. This has given him deep familiarity with the need to improve regional transit. In an interview, McIrvin spoke enthusiastically about plans to create bus rapid transit and better bicycle paths. 

Ryan McIrvin

McIrvin also has proven to be a solid representative for Renton in multi-government committees to strategize the region’s development and conservation. His emergence as a detail-savvy government leader qualifies him well for re-election.

Challenger Maria Spasikova, a businesswoman making her first run for office, lacks McIrvin’s civic experience or depth of knowledge of municipal affairs. As an immigrant with a strong sense of how cities thrive through inclusion, she shows potential for becoming a constructive influence on Renton’s future with more time to develop community networks. But McIrvin is a strong candidate already and should be reelected to a second term to serve in the all at-large council’s District 4.