Once again, voters in Washington’s 33rd Legislative District have no choice other than to re-elect Mia Su-Ling Gregerson to House Position 2.

The cosmopolitan district includes SeaTac, Des Moines, and parts of Kent and Renton.

Gregerson, a Democrat, is a former dental-office manager and SeaTac City Council member. Her council tenure overlapped with an egregious, racially tinged period when the mayor and council deceptively worked to kill a development.

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Gregerson was nevertheless appointed to the Legislature in 2013 by the King County Council. She won re-election in 2014, defeating a former judge known for prohibiting female attorneys from wearing pants. In 2016, she defeated a challenger who couldn’t answer basic questions about school funding reforms.

This year Gregerson is challenged by Marliza Melzer, a retired Boulevard Park Libertarian.

Melzer is running in part because she’s upset about rising taxes and the state’s inability to control spending. Her homespun takes on politics may resonate with some — she related how during lean times her family made do with “less pizza nights out, more macaroni and cheese.”


Such fiscal restraint is in sharp contrast with Gregerson, who was stumped when asked by this board where the state should reduce spending, since it’s facing a $4 billion shortfall. “I guess I don’t have an answer for you for where I would go on record for where I would cut spending right now,” she said.

Even so, Melzer loses credibility by doubting the necessity of public-health measures such as mask mandates, and taking an extreme and uninformed position on the state’s new sex-education policy. No, the policy is not “grooming kindergarteners,” as she suggested.

Gregerson said she strives to get outside the “bubble” and work with a wide range of lawmakers and consider statewide interests. She chairs the House Government and Tribal Relations Committee and serves on the appropriations committee.

Voters in the 33rd should elect Gregerson to another term in House Position 2.