In three terms in Olympia, state Rep. Drew Stokesbary has emerged as a sharp, energetic voice for a fast-growing suburban constituency. Voters in the 31st Legislative District have an easy choice to return the Auburn Republican to Olympia. 

Stokesbary, an attorney, takes the lead on budget issues for House Republicans and provided vital leadership in crafting the Legislature’s last-minute spring decision to spend $200 million from reserve funds fighting the then-nascent coronavirus outbreak. 

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Now that the expanse of COVID-19’s devastation is emerging, the near future clearly will require immense decisions from state government. Stokesbary has shown consistently that he’s well-equipped to be a voice for fiscal prudence without reverting to simple partisanship. 

As he noted in an interview, both the Republican and Democratic caucuses balked when he proposed a sales tax to address regional homelessness, but he wrote the bill because that discussion needed to happen. He also showed boldness as one of only five House members to vote against final passage of a bill to shield state employee birth dates from public records.

Stokesbary’s opponent, Democrat Katie Young, showed commendable enthusiasm for good governance, but cannot match Stokesbary’s demonstrated skill. Voters of the 31st district should reelect him.