Voters in the 1st Legislative District should choose Davina Duerr as their state representative in Position 1.

Duerr is a Bothell City Council member whose extensive civic résumé gives her valuable insight into the district. Her service on various regional transportation boards and leadership groups is another plus.

The Bothell Democrat was appointed to the state representative seat in 2019 to replace Rep. Derek Stanford when he was appointed to finish state Sen. Guy Palumbo’s term upon his resignation. She serves on the Transportation, Consumer Protection & Business, and Local Government committees.

Seattle Times editorial board endorsements: Election 2020

In an interview, Duerr shared thoughtful views on the delicate balancing act lawmakers must strike in the next session. She spoke of the need to align state revenues and spending while being mindful of the impacts on families and a business community already suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Her views on police reform were similarly evenhanded. For example, she spoke of preventing police officers who commit crimes or other infractions from bouncing from department to department, while pointing out that there often aren’t enough qualified candidates to meet staffing needs.

Her opponent, Republican Adam Bartholomew, also of Bothell, is an automotive service manager. He is a self-described “single-issue candidate” who told editorial board members he was inspired to run for office after lawmakers passed a comprehensive sexual health education bill last spring.

That law has been suspended pending the results of Referendum 90, which is also on the November ballot.

For her demonstrated commitment to the district and pragmatic, problem-solving approach, Duerr earns the endorsement.