Washington’s legislators will be making tough decisions as they grapple with a multibillion-dollar revenue shortfall and economic recession. They need sharp-eyed and financially literate lawmakers like Amy Walen to steer the ship of state to calmer seas.

Voters in the 48th Legislative District should reelect the Kirkland Democrat to Position 2.

As vice chair of the House Finance Committee, Walen has proved a pragmatic and independent advocate for fiscal responsibility and smart reforms to taxation. She keeps the needs of small business and working families at the forefront of policy considerations.

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Walen has more than two decades’ experience as a CFO and owner-operator of car dealerships in Kirkland and Seattle. She knows what it means to make payroll and support the local economy. The former Kirkland City Council member and mayor understands the impact of legislation and regulation on small business.

She has a deep understanding of her district and of regional governance, having served as president of the Sound Cities Association. She has been endorsed by a slew of mayors, city council and school board members throughout the district — a testament to her abilities.

Walen’s challenger, Tim J. Hickey, has neither the expertise nor perspective to rise to the unique challenges faced by the state economy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Walen is best suited to represent the district and help lead the state during these difficult times.