Metropolitan King County Council District 9 representative Reagan Dunn has earned the editorial board’s endorsement for his healthy skepticism, innovative proposals and willingness to speak his mind.

Dunn’s independence, effectiveness and experience will be even more valuable as the county redoubles its efforts to fight homelessness, and increase transparency and eliminate inequities in law enforcement and criminal justice. In a pool of qualified candidates, Dunn continues to be the best choice.

In council discussions, Dunn is an unapologetic advocate for caution, common sense and fiscal restraint. He consistently offers unique proposals and practical solutions that others miss or overlook.

Take his proposal to increase funds for bus tickets for people experiencing homelessness to reconnect with family and friends outside the region who can support their journeys to housing stability. Or his ordinance prohibiting Zoom-bombing of virtual support group meetings.

His own past struggles with alcohol abuse have made him a compassionate advocate for behavioral-health resources and ally to the recovery community. His experience as a federal prosecutor in Seattle, Washington, D.C., and Miami will be an asset as the county begins searching for an appointed sheriff.

Three other candidates running for the District 9 position have their strengths, but none that would make them more valuable or effective council members than the incumbent.

Renton City Councilmember Kim-Khanh Van has experience in elected office. Chris Franco, a program and logistics manager for King County and U.S. Army veteran, has experience in county operations and a practical, refreshingly no-nonsense view of public service. City of Seattle Equitable Development Division Director Ubax Gardheere has valuable experience in community programming and people-centered development. Their continued civic involvement would be a benefit to all.

But Dunn has earned another term.