Frame is an articulate and effective representative who hit the ground running after entering the state House in 2016.

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Progressive activist turned legislator Noel Frame is the best choice for state House of Representatives Position 1 in the 36th Legislative District, which includes Queen Anne, Ballard, Magnolia, Greenwood and part of Belltown.

Frame may not align with every constituent in her district. For instance, in discussing homelessness solutions, she floated the notion of rezoning her single-family neighborhood in Greenwood to allow multi-family buildings. But the Democrat is an articulate and effective representative who hit the ground running after entering the House in 2016.

Challenger Sydney Gillman Wissel, a Magnolia Libertarian, is a former massage therapist now operating an online clothing resale store. Wissel is well-meaning but lacks civic experience and depth on state issues.

Frame is well-versed after spending most of her career in Democratic politics. She has worked as a party organizer, staffer to Democrats in Congress and director for an organization that recruited and prepped progressive political candidates. In 2012 she ran and lost to Ballard Democrat Gael Tarleton, who is now her 36th District seatmate. Frame was appointed to Position 1 after it was vacated by Reuven Carlyle’s move to the state Senate, then ran unopposed in fall 2016. Frame currently works for BDS Planning & Urban Design in Seattle.

Juvenile-justice reforms and advocacy for foster children are among Frame’s standout accomplishments. Tax reform is now high on her agenda.

Much less impressive was Frame’s willingness to partly exempt the Legislature from the state Public Records Act, with an ill-advised measure that was vetoed after statewide outcry. Frame expressed contrition and said it was a result of “process gone wrong.” If district voters see her campaigning, they might discuss the importance of transparency.