In a race between two lackluster candidates, Democrat Mia Gregerson is the best choice for voters in the 33rd Legislative District.

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State Rep. Mia Gregerson has not shown the kind of leadership you’d expect from a five-year veteran of the Legislature. While the SeaTac Democrat is quick to rattle off committees she’s served on, it’s harder for her to list what she’s accomplished in those roles.

Nevertheless, voters in the 33rd Legislative District should re-elect her for another two years — mainly because her opponent is far less qualified.

Gregerson has advocated for some good policies, including the state’s Voting Rights Act. Yet she seems lost when talking about education policy, despite school-funding issues having occupied a significant amount of the Legislature’s time in recent years.

However, Republican candidate Anthony Lamb was even less familiar with the steps the Legislature has taken to improve the state’s education system. His ideas largely involve helping students escape their local public schools, including by paying to send them to private schools through a voucher program.

While Lamb opposes Sound Transit’s light-rail system, he said he has never ridden it and was uncertain about the number of light-rail stations in his district. (There are two.) Lamb, a first-time candidate, suggested transit riders would be happier if the money for light rail was instead used to buy them new cars.

One of Gregerson’s low points in office was when she voted with the majority of her colleagues to exempt legislators from the state Public Records Act. In the future, she needs to demonstrate a stronger commitment to open government. Lamb was broadly supportive of open-government issues, but seemed unfamiliar with the specifics of that bill.

In this race, Lamb doesn’t offer much of a choice. Voters in this South King County district should re-elect Gregerson.