For nearly eight years Bellevue citizens have been well-served by city Councilmember Lynne Robinson, a pragmatic, solution-oriented leader. Her fellow members elected her mayor.

Voters should reelect her to Position 6. The small business owner and health professional helped lead the city through the challenge of a pandemic, including overcoming a budget shortfall. She is committed to equity and environmental sustainability. These values and her collaborative style well position her for leading the city through more decisions on adding more affordable housing, reducing carbon emissions through transportation alternatives and hiring a new police chief.

Seattle Times editorial board endorsements: Nov. 2, 2021, general election

She has long supported the Eastgate men’s shelter, which is finally moving forward to help homeless men to a better life with wraparound services.

Her opponent, Gina Johnson, declined an interview with The Seattle Times editorial board, saying she was not seeking its endorsement. Her candidate statement promises more investments in police, mental health, other services and infrastructure, while, interestingly, also promising to lower taxes. Such vague talk with few details doesn’t stand up to the realities of governing the state’s fifth largest city as it emerges from a pandemic-induced downturn.

Lynne Robinson is the only serious choice in this race, earning support from labor unions and business. More important, she has earned reelection.