Five Democrats are vying for the open 46th Legislative District Position 2. In this crowded and exceptional field of candidates, voters should choose Lelach Rave.

A pediatrician, Rave is legislative committee chair for the American Academy of Pediatrics Washington Chapter. In Olympia, she helped create the Children’s Mental Health Work Group and establish Medicaid eligibility for developmental and autism screens for children. She advocated for paid family leave, universal background checks and extreme risk protection orders.

On behalf of the state’s children, Rave has worked with lawmakers in both parties. During an interview with the editorial board, she recalled a dinner with an Eastern Washington Republican who disclosed he was packing a pistol. Despite her own discomfort, they found common ground. He was concerned about the mental health of foster kids and became an important ally.

Seattle Times editorial board endorsements: Nov. 8, 2022, general election

In Olympia, Rave would prioritize reproductive health care. She has a compassionate, common-sense approach to public safety. She supports restorative justice and other diversion programs, but notes there must be a balance with preserving community well-being. “There’s a place for saying, here’s the line,” she said. “In order to preserve the safety of other members of the community we have to have that separation.”

To increase the housing supply, single family zoning should be changed, but the process should take into account local conditions such as access to transit, grocery stores and other amenities, she said.

House Position 2 is an open contest. The incumbent, Javier Valdez, is running for the senate seat vacated by David Frockt. The other candidates include Nancy Connolly, a doctor; Darya Farivar, public policy director at Disability Rights Washington; Melissa Taylor, a small-business owner; and Nina Martinez, board chair of the Latino Civic Alliance.

All are impressive, capable and experienced, and each one could ably represent the district in Olympia.

Voters ought to choose Rave. She has the temperament, judgment and track record to get important things accomplished for the 46th District and the state.