Re-elect Larry Springer to represent the 45th Legislative District.

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State Rep. Larry Springer is a hard-working, moderate Democrat representing the 45th Legislative District in Position 2.

He’s a good match for the district, which stretches from Kirkland to Duvall and from Woodinville to Sammamish. He is a Democrat to be sure, but his legislative style is pragmatic and solution-seeking. A member of his caucus leadership, he has pushed toward compromises in a number of areas, including charter schools, tax policy and water-use rules.

All that said, we wish Springer had a stronger challenger.

The editorial board disagrees vehemently with Springer on his approach to how the crucial Public Records Act should apply to the state Legislature. Even though he is a member of the so-called Sunshine Committee, which reviews exemptions to the law, he played along with other legislative leaders to pass Senate Bill 6617, a cynical ploy to thwart a superior court judge’s ruling saying lawmakers were subject to the law after all.

You remember, this was the bill that was rushed through the Legislature within 48 hours. A citizen uprising, including more than 20,000 calls to the governor’s office asking for the veto that stopped the bill in its tracks. At the 11th hour, the governor, legislative leaders and media companies suing for access to records agreed to a deal. The Legislature would stand down and begin a task force to come up with a solution that included public input.

Now as co-chair of this committee, Springer seems far too amenable to finding ways that the Legislature should be treated differently when it comes to transparency — different from the governor, state agencies and local jurisdictions from school boards to port districts to city councils.

We disagree and will keep the pressure on Springer and other lawmakers. Voters should, too.

Springer’s opponent, Republican Amber Krabach, of Woodinville, has no experience in government. She has worked in her home and church. One thing that spurred her to run is her opposition to a law relating to parental surrogacy.

Springer’s record and constructive lawmaking makes him the better candidate.