Voters in the 30th Legislative District should re-elect Democratic state Rep. Kristine Reeves, a lawmaker who dives deep into policy details and voted against her colleagues' misguided attempt to exempt themselves from the state's Public Records Act.

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In the two years state Rep. Kristine Reeves has been in the Legislature, she has wasted little time getting to work for her constituents.

The Federal Way Democrat has sponsored bills to help veterans and their families, and made two unsuccessful attempts to  soften the impact of rising car-tab fees. Voters in the 30th Legislative District should return her to the state House for a second term.

Reeves is a thoughtful lawmaker who dives deep into the specifics of complicated policy. To improve on the Legislature’s recent effort to overhaul K-12 school funding, she wants to adjust a formula that awards more money to school districts that have high housing costs. She agrees the Legislature failed to fund special education.

Reeves understands the need to maintain the auditing and accountability requirements the Legislature recently attached to K-12 spending. She thinks limits on the use of local levies are needed to help ensure the state doesn’t end up in another school-funding crisis.

Significantly, Reeves distinguished herself this year by standing up against the Legislature’s attempt to exempt itself from the state’s Public Records Act.  She was one of only 14 House members who voted no on that bill, which Gov. Jay Inslee later vetoed amid an outcry from citizens.

Reeves, who works in economic development for the state Department of Commerce, says she doesn’t see why lawmakers shouldn’t follow the same government transparency rules as other public employees.

GOP challenger Mark Greene has spotty knowledge of state issues.

Voters in the district, which includes Federal Way, Milton, Des Moines, Algona, Pacific and part of Auburn, should not hesitate to send Reeves back to the Legislature.