In the race for the Bellevue City Council’s Position 5 seat, incumbent Janice Zahn, construction manager at the Port of Seattle, deserves reelection to the position she was elected to fill in a 2017 midterm.

Zahn has shown a sophisticated ability to address Bellevue’s ongoing issues with the city’s growth, from transportation and other infrastructure to helping Bellevue determine its role in the Eastside’s homelessness response. Zahn’s readiness to talk about key specifics of city infrastructure evinces a clear and analytical understanding of the fundamental priorities citizens need from their local government leaders.

Her depth of knowledge about government interactions and contracting make her exceptionally well prepared for the council’s responsibility to set the details of city policy right. In an interview, she displayed wide-ranging knowledge of city policies, and has a reputation for pragmatism that enables her to play a key role in council cooperation.

Against another candidate, Zahn’s opponent J.D. Yu could be a worthy choice for Bellevue voters. His enthusiasm for civic service and willingness to delve into the range of topics a growing city must address stand out. The council race should prepare Yu well for the challenges of a future role in local government. However, Yu lacks the depth of expertise and experience that make Zahn such an excellent choice for reelection.