In the race for the Renton City Council’s open Position 3, businessman James Alberson has shown the skills necessary to thrive as a leader of the growing city of 102,000.

Alberson, who has chaired the Renton Chamber of Commerce for three years, is a salesman and business speaker who has shown a strong ability to cultivate much-needed commercial development.

Like its neighbors in South King County, Renton has invested time and effort into building a robust commercial downtown core. As the city continues its population explosion, its economy will need to avoid overreliance on jobs at Boeing or a Seattle commute away. Alberson’s ability to listen and build productive relationships will serve him well in civic leadership.

His campaign has focused on helping Renton manage its growth as a robust city, citing increases in crime and homelessness over recent years. In an interview, he showed a thorough understanding of the range of needs of Renton’s population experiencing homelessness and keen interest in establishing better programs to resolve them.

Like Alberson, opponent Valerie O’Halloran has substantial qualifications for the job. She has been involved in a range of community organizations and has good relationships in municipal government. But Alberson’s leadership role in the business community is an important credential to bring into City Hall.

Renton’s voters should choose Alberson to guide quality city growth.