Voters in the 31st Legislative District should elect Immaculate Ferreria, an experienced advocate for preschool programs with firsthand experience helping families in need.

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Immaculate Ferreria already has spent time in Olympia advocating for high-quality preschool programs. Voters in the 31st Legislative District should send her back to the Capitol, but this time as their elected state senator.

The daughter of Filipino immigrants, Ferreria would bring a fresh perspective. The Sumner Democrat has honed her civic résumé through grass-roots lobbying, including by chairing the Puget Sound Educational Service District’s Early Learning Policy Council. She has served as a parent ambassador advocating for the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program, the state’s preschool program for low-income families, a program she wants to continue to expand.

As a family support worker for the Tacoma Urban League, Ferreria has connected families to health-care and social services through in-home visits, making her well-equipped to identify gaps in the system.

Incumbent Republican Sen. Phil Fortunato of Auburn is not a thoughtful lawmaker. Many of his bills are outlandish and seem focused on making waves rather than getting things done, such as proposals to defund The Evergreen State College and allow Seattle to become its own county.

A hard-line conservative, Fortunato opposes taxes but lacks viable ideas for how to pay for things like transportation infrastructure. He instead insists almost all problems can be solved by getting rid of burdensome government regulations and finding efficiencies.

A third candidate, Jeff Benson, runs a restaurant in Maple Valley.

Ferreria is the best choice to replace Fortunato.