Hillary Clinton is the only choice for president.

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HILLARY Clinton is a magnificent choice — for some voters. For everyone else, there is no reasonable alternative.

We’re all tired of election hyperbole, but the importance to America’s future of this year’s presidential election cannot be overstated.

Both candidates are flawed. But one of them, Republican nominee Donald Trump, poses an enormous risk to America’s prosperity, security and stability.

Clinton, the Democrats’ nominee, clearly has the experience, knowledge and temperament needed to maintain and improve America’s standing at home and abroad.

Yes, we need more outsiders and candor in politics. That does not justify electing an unqualified candidate whose policies and behavior contradict the values of most Washingtonians and Americans, Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals.

For voters on the fence who dislike Clinton and are wary of Trump, this election is like the game of “would you rather” — would you rather eat a slug or a tarantula?

The ballot asks undecided voters if they would rather elect an unpalatable insider or an egotistical boor out of his depth and fond of authoritarians.

America would benefit from a president with Clinton’s experience in state, federal and international affairs.

Clinton brings a superior understanding of America’s challenges, opportunities and its role in building prosperity and stability around the world. Trump’s naive threats to erect trade barriers and re-evaluate cornerstone defense alliances in Europe and Asia are already rattling allies and trading partners.

Risks are greater at home. All Americans are created equal and entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Current and future Americans are free to worship as they choose. This alone is reason to vote against Trump, who has suggested the government shut down houses of worship (mosques) and register people of a particular faith — Islam.

Instead of solutions that acknowledge the problem’s complexity and the positive contributions of immigrants, Trump offers unworkable, knee-jerk schemes, such as a border wall funded by Mexico.”

America is a nation of immigrants and a welcoming land of opportunity. This increases the nation’s strength and stature. Yet our immigration system desperately needs reform. Instead of solutions that acknowledge the problem’s complexity and the positive contributions of immigrants, Trump offers unworkable, knee-jerk schemes like a border wall funded by Mexico.

Trump has said the 14th Amendment’s provision of citizenship to those born in the U.S. should be denied to children of immigrants without documents. That echoes his selective application of religious freedom. Those who treasure the Constitution should reject a candidate who would pick and choose who receives its protections.

Clinton would continue President Obama’s effort to prevent deportation of low-risk immigrants, such as those who arrived as children and have no felony convictions. Overall, she seeks to lower barriers for immigrants to become citizens.

Trump’s trade proposals are repellent, such as creating punishing tariffs on key trading partners China and Mexico. These tariffs would not restore yesteryear’s manufacturing jobs, but would wreak economic havoc and cause job loss.

Clinton disappointingly has wavered on her support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership during her campaign. But she acknowledges the importance of free trade. Economic diplomacy also is essential to prevent conflict with China and build alliances to address threats like North Korea.

Trade and Asia’s growing volatility are of particular concern in trade-dependent Washington. The state is also a strategic location, with more than 112,000 military and defense workers.

Clinton’s penchant for secrecy and defensiveness are concerns. They were highlighted by her poor response to disclosures that she mishandled sensitive emails while secretary of state.

America needs a president committed to openness and comfortable with transparency, but there is no good choice on that front in 2016.

Most voters will base their decision on character. Therein, the distinction is clear and leaves them with just one option.

Clinton has demonstrated courage, strength and resilience — the traits we especially value in a president. She does this not by tweets and talking tough but through unflagging public service through personal and political crises that would crumble an ordinary person.

Trump, in contrast, has never served the public and shows disrespect for most of the people he would lead and the institution he would manage. Under campaign pressure that pales to that of the presidency, he has responded to slights and setbacks with bluster and threats. That demonstrates insecurity, fragility and a shocking lack of inner strength and control.

America will face many challenges at home and abroad over the next four years. Still, its overall success and world leadership will continue — if Trump is not elected.

Clinton is the only choice for president. She is undeniably the candidate with the experience, skills, knowledge and self-control to do the job.