Seattle voters are well served by Democratic state Rep. Frank Chopp, who should be reelected to House Position 2 in the 43rd Legislative District.

Chopp’s ability to advance progressive legislation has improved the lives of countless Washingtonians. That includes children with more early learning opportunities, students with improved access to higher education and thousands of adults living in affordable housing advanced by Chopp.

The son of a shipyard worker and school cafeteria worker, Chopp is the former director of Fremont Public Association, an emergency services nonprofit now called Solid Ground.

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Chopp was Speaker of the House for a decade until he passed the gavel in 2019. But he continues to have considerable influence in the Legislature, where he’s served since 1994.

That’s a long time to hold a seat.

But with the state facing immense challenges, including widespread demand for justice reform, devastating budget declines and surging demand for public services, Chopp’s skills and experience are critically needed in Olympia. He can get things done, while also mentoring newcomers.

Chopp is running against two activists. Democrat Jessi Murray is member of Seattle’s LGBTQ Commission. Independent Sherae Lascelles is involved with the People of Color Sex Worker Outreach Program and Green Light Project, which provides support to sex workers and drug users.

It’s good that Chopp has ambitious challengers. But such inexperienced candidates will not serve the 43rd or the state as well as Chopp serving another term.

Reelect Chopp to House Position 2 in the 43rd Legislative District.