One of the more dynamic new legislative candidates in Washington state this year is Chukundi Salisbury.

A longtime Seattle community advocate, parks-project manager and entrepreneur, Salisbury should be elected to represent the 37th Legislative District in the House of Representatives, Position 2.

Salisbury is thoughtful, informed and has demonstrated ability to build partnerships and create programs that benefit his community.

The position is being vacated by state Rep. Eric Pettigrew, who is endorsing Salisbury. Pettigrew said Salisbury’s heart is in being a public servant, not a politician, which is refreshing.

Seattle Times editorial board endorsements: Election 2020

Salisbury also has a computer-science degree, launched a multicultural marketing firm and is a noted disc jockey.

Having served on the Seattle Police Department’s African American Community Advisory Council and worked on programs to address violence and voter engagement in the Black community, Salisbury would bring important perspective to the Legislature’s upcoming work on justice reform. His work experience and advocacy for parks, trails and tree-canopy preservation would also contribute to deliberations about parks and natural resources statewide.


An early front runner in the race, Andrea Caupain, dropped out to continue running Seattle nonprofit Byrd Barr Place. She is also endorsing Salisbury.

The other serious contender in the race is Kirsten Harris-Talley, an activist and nonprofit manager currently leading NARAL Pro-Choice Washington.

Harris-Talley, who was appointed to a brief stint on the Seattle City Council in 2017, is ambitious and fluent in policy detail. But she showed herself to be more ideological than pragmatic on the council and is entwined with the Seattle political establishment, which is backing her campaign with large PAC contributions.

Four other candidates in the race — Andy Goeres, Kathy Woodward, Stephen Richter and Robert Redwine — have little to no campaign support, based on campaign-finance reports.

Salisbury is the standout choice.

Voters in the 37th District should choose Salisbury to represent them in Olympia and bring a strong new voice to the Legislature.