Of the three candidates vying to represent the 5th Legislative District, Position 1, incumbent Bill Ramos is the most qualified to serve in Olympia.

East King County voters should reelect the Issaquah Democrat to a second term.

Ramos’ experience as a transportation consultant lends valuable expertise to discussions of state transportation planning. His background and deep knowledge of this complex issue will be an asset as state legislators work to create a comprehensive and sustainable state transportation plan.

His experience on the Issaquah City Council gives him good insight into the needs and challenges faced by local governments. His legislative efforts to improve cities’ local transportation and revenue options helped earn him a City Champion Award from the Association of Washington Cities this June.

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In a recent interview, Ramos vowed to take a people-first approach to the tough job of balancing the state budget next session. As one of the state’s few Latino legislators, he brings an important perspective to timely legislative discussions of dismantling systemic racism and removing barriers to opportunity based on race, color or ethnicity.

Ramos is challenged by Republican Ken Moninski, a Maple Valley resident and owner of an aircraft-services company, and digital media executive Cyrus Krohn, whose concerns include internet consumer privacy and media literacy. Both offer well-reasoned perspectives on current affairs.

But Ramos’ experience in and outside the legislative chamber make him the best person for the job.