Partisan politicking should have no place in the King County Prosecutor’s Office. Voters should approve King County Charter Amendment 1.

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ALL King County elected positions, from the executive to assessor to the County Council, are nonpartisan — except the county prosecutor.

That makes no sense, and it should change this year. Voters should say “yes” to King County charter amendment 1 on the Nov. 8 ballot and add the prosecutor to the list of nonpartisan offices.

When voters switched to nonpartisan county offices in 2008, the prosecutor was not on the list because of a technicality: It was legally unclear if the prosecutor was a state position or county office. A ruling last November by the state attorney general cleared up the question.

The Prosecutor’s Office should be nonpartisan because justice should be blind and unfettered from party loyalty. The public would reject even the appearance of party bias or favoritism as a prosecutor makes charging decisions, including the death penalty.

The charter amendment is supported by King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg (who last ran, unopposed, as a Republican) and former U.S. attorneys for Seattle Jenny Durkan, a Democrat, and Mike McKay, a Republican.

It is opposed by Democratic Party loyalists, who wrongly try to link the King County Prosecutor’s Office to the Clinton-Trump campaigns. That’s just the kind of partisan politicking that has no place in the administration of justice.