Let’s not try to emulate Paris with “love locks” on Seattle bridges. Please.

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IT is wonderful that couples want to commemorate their love in Seattle. The city’s beauty is a perfect backdrop to declare eternal devotion.

But there are more original and romantic ways to do so than hanging a padlock on a local bridge, namely the bleak pedestrian overpass along Marion Street that now has hundreds of these “love locks.”

With all due respect to the sentiment of those enchanted in the Emerald City, this micro-trend is a thin attempt to emulate a problematic fad emanating from Paris. It’s been egged on by padlock vendors, damaging landmarks and creating long-lasting pollution of public spaces in cities around the world.

It’s surprising that this has been allowed in Seattle, a city known for cracking down on such environmental travesties as failing to properly sort recyclables.

Perhaps the padlocks dangling above Marion Street are tolerated for the time being because the overpass — which serves pedestrians going to and from the ferry terminal — will be largely rebuilt in a few years as part of the waterfront redevelopment.

Pity the selfie-seeking romantics who dare leave a padlock on the $16 million architectural wonder that will replace the structure. Bicycle-mounted police may be at the ready with bolt cutters and ticket books.

So leave the padlocks at home and consider a more Seattle-like gesture. Learn to draw a heart in your latte foam. Revel in the glory of your surroundings and leave no trace behind.

Or try the gum wall at the Pike Place Market.