In the 36th Legislative District that includes Queen Anne, Magnolia and Ballard, Reuven Carlyle should be re-elected to another term as state Senator.

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Residents of Seattle’s 36th Legislative District are fortunate to have Reuven Carlyle representing them as state senator.

Carlyle is a passionate, dedicated and thoughtful legislator with a strong commitment to his district, which includes Queen Anne, Magnolia and Ballard. Voters there appreciate the Democrat’s service and the blend of pragmatism and idealism he brings to Olympia — 89 percent chose him during the August primary. They should elect Carlyle in November for another term.

Notable accomplishments include Carlyle’s work to increase transparency of state tax preferences and higher-education advocacy. He’s particularly proud of work to improve outcomes for children in foster care, a cause he took on before being elected to the state House in 2008. He has been in the Senate since 2016.

As chair of the Senate energy, environment and technology committee, Carlyle was a primary sponsor of a carbon tax bill, requested by Gov. Jay Inslee, that failed to pass. Carlyle now supports a reworked version presented to voters as Initiative 1631, noting the Legislature will have to improve accountability provisions. Carlyle also favors abolishing the death penalty and stronger gun control.

Outside the Legislature, the Queen Anne resident is an entrepreneur and business consultant, particularly in the technology industry. Early in his career he worked for McCaw Cellular and AT&T Wireless, and before that served as a page in Congress for U.S. Senators Warren Magnuson and Henry Jackson.

A nominal challenger, Libertarian Bryan Simonson, did not participate in the endorsement process. Two years ago he unsuccessfully ran for the 41st District Senate seat representing Mercer Island and areas east to Issaquah.