The Washington women’s basketball team faces Syracuse in the Final Four Sunday in Indianapolis. Stayed tuned.

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TALK about a fashion statement. Those Final Four caps adorning the Washington women’s basketball team were a perfect complement to the skill and teamwork displayed in their defeat of Stanford in the Lexington Regional.

Now on to Indianapolis for the national semifinals Sunday against Syracuse. The first trip ever for the Husky women to the Final Four.

One of the eternal appeals of athletics and sports competition is what might be termed the pleasant surprise. Reams of statistics cannot always predict what happens next.

The Huskies are a collection of talented players who were good enough to play at the Pac-12 level to begin with. Combine those core skills with a tenacity of spirit and teamwork that gets burnished by solid coaching and the pleasant surprises emerge.

Credit coach Mike Neighbors with the deft ability to nurture those diverse talents and let a collection of mentally and physically tough athletes deliver stunning results.

The UW women’s basketball team left the floor in Lexington, Ky., with Chantel Osahor, the tournament’s most valuable player, Kelsey Plum, a national star with national honors, and enough talent in reserve to have a substitute off the bench nail two three-point shots.

Mix and match the players in the games, and the result has been the same: dramatic victories. Ratings and rankings mean nothing; it is always about results. Numbers on the scoreboard from three-point territory, the battleground in the paint and the free-throw line.

Well done Dawgs. So well done.