Voter turnout for the Aug. 4 primary is woefully low. Voters should use the next few days to send in their ballots.

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VOTERS, where are you?

So far, as of Tuesday, only about 10 percent of voters statewide had turned in ballots for the Aug. 4 primary election.

In Puget Sound counties, participation is worse: 8.3 percent in King, 7.5 percent in Pierce and 9.1 percent in Snohomish. Those numbers aren’t just low, they’re pathetic.

The editorial board’s recommendations

The Seattle Times editorial board is at your service. Members have been interviewing candidates in select races since early June. Read all of The Times’ recommendations for the Aug. 4 primary at:

Perhaps Donald Trump’s bloviating presidential campaign is distracting from the races at home, which also provide some drama worth paying attention to. The Seattle City Council primary will be a tough test for the 47 candidates vying to steer the city on hot topics, such as housing and income inequality.

The competition is extra fierce in races like District 1 with nine candidates vying to represent West Seattle and South Park, District 5 with eight candidates from the North End, and Position 9 with six candidates going after one of two citywide seats.

In Bothell, three council seats are open with several candidates promising to restore ethics and transparency to City Hall. Those promises stem from a controversy over Mayor Joshua Freed’s attempt to buy a site for housing after the city declined to purchase the land for open space. The behind-closed-doors nature of that incident exacerbated tensions about traffic congestion, an expensive City Hall building and patchy downtown development. Residents must address those frustrations by voting.

Local elections matter. City councilmembers, school board members and port commissioners make decisions that directly impact how our cities, schools and region function, and affect economic opportunities and quality of life.

The final day to postmark or drop off ballots is Tuesday. Don’t procrastinate, there’s still time to weigh in.