Most registered King County voters have not turned in their ballots yet. Nov. 7 is next week. Dig it out and vote.

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As of Wednesday at 8 p.m., King County has received ballots from only 12 percent of registered voters. What are the rest of you waiting for? An engraved invitation?

Consider this your invite. Too many important races will be decided in this election to leave ballots at the bottom of the mail pile.

The county has received 54,632 Seattle ballots — out of 456,684 registered city voters. Don’t let only 9 percent of Seattle residents decide who your next mayor will be.

Just more than 10,500 people in Bellevue — out of 77,537 registered voters — should not pick who will control the City Council.

Don’t let 159,004 people across King County — out of 1.3 million registered voters — decide if your taxes are going to go up to pay for services for veterans, seniors and those who are homeless.

Pull that ballot out, fill it out and mail it. Or save yourself a stamp and drop it off at a ballot box in King or Snohomish County. If you can’t find your ballot, you can still vote. Snohomish County voters can get a replacement ballot by calling 425-388-3444. Get a replacement ballot from the King County elections website or by calling 206-296-8683.