Here are the winners of The Seattle Times editorial board's reader headlines of 2019 contest, plus some contributions from the staff.

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Happy new year! Jan. 1 is as good a day as any to wish for fresh starts and constructive new paths for our region, state and nation in 2019.

We asked readers to dream a little and tell us what headlines they would like to see this year. We received scores of submissions, reflecting a wide variety of assertions and wishful thinking. Predictably, President Donald Trump headlines dominated.

We’ve sifted through them and are sharing a sampling of staff contributions and the best reader entries. Three readers were selected to receive Starbucks gift cards and a selection of Seattle Times swag. The top entries, indicated by asterisks, were written by Judy Killion of Seattle, Mark Hartman of Camano Island and Daniel Joy of Redmond.

Think you can do better? Leave your headlines in the comments section of the story below.


*Trump builds wall … of solar panels; half of electricity goes to Mexico, half to U.S. — Judy Killion, Seattle

*Orcas, area salmon both stage big comeback — Mark Hartman, Camano Island

*NRA backs assault weapon ban — Daniel Joy, Redmond

State legislators pledge full records disclosure — Roger Trepanier, Redmond

House and Senate pass car-tab fix — rebates coming! — Gary Lein, Bellevue

Br-ollocks: Britain begs to re-enter EU — Daniel Joy, Redmond

Trump walks away from presidency under threat of impeachment — Marilyn G. Ballard, Auburn

All homeless housed — Susan Phinney, Seattle

Trump acknowledges love is a human right and permanently rescinds all anti-LGBTQ policies — LouAnn Schimmel, Mill Creek

My, oh, my! Mariners defy odds to become 2019 World Series champions — Catherine Fitch and Ishan Bhadkamkar, Seattle

Zuckerberg shuts down Facebook, devotes fortune to exposing lies on the internet — Jim Taylor, Anacortes

UW engineering students invent noiseless leaf blower — Mark Schiller, Kirkland


Newspaper industry rebounds as Americans rediscover value of real news, facts

Landmark immigration reform bill passes, creates surer path to citizenship

‘We aren’t special:” Washington lawmakers concede they must follow state’s Public Records Act

A new record: Zero shooting deaths reported in Washington state in 2019

Election sweep: Seattle voters back slate of council ‘reform’ candidates

Mental-health and substance-abuse services fully funded; homelessness crisis abates

Washington schools best in the nation at preparing students for college and careers, researchers say

Microsoft, Amazon open wallets for Vancouver-to-Portland bullet train