We asked readers what headlines they would like to see in 2020 and more than 150 responded with well over 300 entries. They came in from all over the state, including Maple Falls (population 324 as of the 2010 census) and from other states, including Oregon, California, New York and Alabama. This selection reflects the diversity of headlines we received and should not be taken as an endorsement.

The No. 1 topic was climate change. And there was no shortage of pro-Trump and anti-Trump submissions.

Here is a selection of the most clever headlines as judged by The Seattle Times editorial page staff. Sure, this was a chance to dream about a bright new year. But it was a contest after all, so we applied the tried-and-true standards of what makes a good headline — succinct, descriptive and extra points if it is a play on words.

The three winners — Marilyn Hawkins, of Walla Walla; Lynn Carrigan, of Vashon; and Cora Harrington, of Bremerton (whose headlines have asteriks below)  — will receive Starbucks gift cards and Seattle Times swag.

Enjoy. And Happy New Year!

Here are the three winners (marked by asterisks) and the runners-up:

* Boeing retools reputation, one rivet at a time — Marilyn Hawkins, Walla Walla


* United citizens overturn Citizens United — Lynn Carrigan, Vashon

* Salish Sea awash with orcas — Cora Harrington, Bremerton

Seattle freezes out global warming by electrifying all public transit — Claire Richards, Seattle

Last homeless person in Seattle moves into apartment — Valarie Bunn, Shoreline

Ex-Seattle City Councilmember Mike O’Brien buys McMansion on cul-de-sac in Sammamish: ‘I’m in a different place now’ — Carl Deuker, Seattle

State Legislature bans Title Only bills and finally embraces public-records transparency — Jason Mercier, Kennewick

‘Greta was right all along,’ admits Energy Secretary Rick Perry — Anna Diaconu, Kirkland

Global warming stopped cold — Cora Harrington, Bremerton

NRA agrees to support meaningful gun-control legislation — Mackenzie Smith, Mercer Island


ERA ratified! RBG lives to see it — Susan Astley Hemingway, Seattle

All border refugee children reunited with family — Joyce Erickson, Seattle

Record salmon run brings joy to local waters — Betsy Darrah, Seattle

Trump wins second term by a landslide, carries every state but Delaware — Richard and Connie Schurk, Kent

Trump’s reaction to his impeachment: ‘Recently I’ve been considering stand-up comedy’ — Maya Bhat, Woodinville

No more highway to hell: Bike lanes widened by 2 feet — Silvia Nica, Redmond

Light rail completed for millions under budget — Liz Pearl, Langley

In-state acceptance rate for UW goes up, despite skyrocketing rankings — Prarthana Gajjala, Sammamish


Tim Eyman barred from governor’s job by citizen initiative — Tom Wingard-Phillips, Seattle

Billionaires build walls — and roofs — to house homeless — Bill Leon, Lake Forest Park

Seahawks, Ravens soar into Miami for Super Bowl — Bill Walker, Maple Falls

Sonics are coming home! — Sue Pierce, Seattle