Welcome to Seattle, Mr. President.

If there is such a thing as Biden Country, you’re in it. You earned 75% of the vote in King County in 2020 — the largest margin by any candidate in a presidential race in local history. But on this Earth Day, there is unease in even the most partisan of Northwest hearts.

To be sure, you face difficult times. Leadership of only one national party is interested in passing climate policy, and your ability to keep Democrats in power — which polls suggest is an iffy proposition at best this November — depends a lot on policy-straddling and contradictions.

As gas prices spiked, you ordered the largest-ever release of oil from the nation’s strategic reserves and recently announced more oil-drilling leases on federal land.

To help the Europeans wean themselves off Russian fossil fuels, global production must increase, at least in the short-term. Brazil, for one, is happy to abide. After all, cutting down rainforests and extracting resources is what President Jair Bolsonaro is all about.

All this took place as U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres warned earlier this month that the litany of broken climate promises by governments and corporations “put us firmly on track toward an unlivable world.”

Here’s a little bright spot: Rural folks seem really interested in electric trucks, particularly Ford’s F-150 Lightning, which goes on sale this month. Ford was overwhelmed with 200,000 reservations.

So, Mr. President, it’s time to get mad and demand the people get what they want. City slickers shouldn’t have all the fun and gas-savings of electric vehicles. This nation needs more e-trucks, more charging stations, more reliable power.


You need to comfort families displaced by fires, tornadoes and other climate calamities and insist they be protected. You ought to sit with farmers and hear their concerns about drought and crop failures and vow to make their futures secure.

It’s time for righteous anger, Mr. President. It’s time to pair it with the empathy that made you such a powerful and needed antidote to the narcissism of your predecessor. It’s time for populism to mean more than mob rule and the least-informed voices booming the loudest.

There have been other presidents with approval ratings as low as yours, Mr. President. To bounce back, it sometimes takes a set jaw and finger in the chest of your opponents. If history is any guide, you’ll find a lot of folks around here ready to back you up.

But the nation needs to know that you have the heart of a fighter.

For the future of the planet, it’s time to rumble.