ArtsFund supports arts organizations of all sizes to make the community more livable.

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For nearly 50 years, ArtsFund has raised money to expand horizons and provide access to the arts.

The arts have an important role in every community and every child’s education. Help make this happen by giving to ArtsFund’s 2018 campaign, which ends May 31.

This past year, donations to ArtsFund supported 118 arts organization around the cental Puget Sound, more than 10,000 events, exhibits and performances, and gave 830,000 students access to the arts.

Since 1969, ArtsFund has awarded more than $79.1 million in grants thanks to the generosity of the people of King and Pierce counties. The nonprofit organization is hoping to raise $2.83 million this year. As of the beginning of May, the campaign had reached nearly 70 percent of that goal.

How arts builds communities is the theme of this year’s fund drive.

“We believe a strong arts and cultural sector is an essential building block of a healthy community, and that an investment in the arts is an investment in civic health and vitality,” says Mari Horita, ArtsFund president and CEO.

ArtsFund builds community in a number of ways: from giving school children access to performances and exhibits to supporting the economy.

Arts organizations drive economic growth by creating more than 35,000 direct and indirect jobs in the central Puget Sound region. They also boost the economy through tourism. And patrons, both locals and visitors, spend money before and after arts experiences, at restaurants, hotels and on transportation.

The whole community is enriched by the work of ArtsFund, from the next generation of arts lovers who are inspired by a trip to the theater to the community arts program that gets the help it needs to put on an interesting new exhibit.

Give what you can to make your community a richer, more vibrant place.